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licking, licking, licking!!!

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Mo, my female, licks my poor Niko right to pieces.  She's always licking his head and his face and his mouth.  She does it all the time.  Does anyone else have a dog that does this?
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I have never personally dealt with this, but I  have seen it.
My son used to take horse riding lessons and there were all kinds of boxers there!  They also had a pair of black labs that were brothers, but from different litters.  Well the younger one used to constantly lick the older one.  So much so that he was rubbing hair off!  They had some sort of spray from the vet that they sprayed on the older to keep the younger from licking so much.  It was weird!
Lol, Angel does that to Samson, I call it her "mothering"...Always just licks his face, like she's cleaning it for him :)
Yeah, I always say it's like she's being the mom and cleaning his face.  :D
excessive licking in dogs can be a sign that they are experiencing too much stress in their life.

Two of ours did that.  Calli would actually groom herself like a cat (she was raised by two cats so that could have something to do with it, the cat groomed her when she was a puppy).  Ziggi is always licking himself......very annoying and we are always yelling at him to stop.  The other two never had a problem with it.
The only one Duke licks to death is Adam, Duke will sit there and lick Adam's head.
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