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Licky Licky

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Hi everyone, well our 2 1/2 male brindle (crosby) is getting along so well with our 5month old male flashy fawn (coda) its great, they play all day long but coda doesnt want anything to do with crosbys squeeker balls, he would rather chase and chew crosbys hind legs....
Anyways when quiet time rolls around and you go to pat coda all he wants to do is lick, I mean his tounge and tail are going a million miles an hour, you cant go near him without getting a wet one. Crosby was never like this although he will give kisses this is a huge diiference between a kiss and a lick, its almost like coda has a spoonful of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth that he is trying to get rid of.
Will this pass with time or do we get used to it?
I have tons of pics but cant figure out how to post.
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Lol, some Boxers are more licky than others. Angel is always washing Samson's face, like she's mothering him, which is rather funny considering he's almost 11....Myself, I love getting kisses from my 2..If I ask, they generally will oblige me with a big wet one :lol: Buck, my first Boxer should have gotten a medal in Licking, he was always licking, himself, me, the ex, the rug, the comforter... :)
haha i never have to clean my kids face baby does it...and she really gores crazy at my face all the time when i try to get pictures half the time I can't because she is licking my face to much..but me too I love it most times..being preg sometimes doggy breath is to much and i kinda get sick..but i still love it..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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