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Light Haws and Showing?

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Hi all,

We're currently on our way to purchasing a beautiful flashy brindle from a well known breeder to start showing with. (she's a family member first off, but we thought this time we would give showing a try too.) We've had our eye on her since she was born although we soon found out that she has double light haws. The breeder says her eyes are nice and tight and her mother also has tight eyes with one light haw that is not very noticeable at all. They tell us that they like everything about her better then the other pups - except her light haws.

My question is: How much will this effect her in the show ring? After about 8 weeks will they get 'worse' or stay about the same in appearence?

Like I said before, she's a family member first and foremost and if she doesn't do well in the ring it won't break our hearts. But I'm just curious...

I will post a picture when she arrives!
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I was thinking the same thing, was is a light haw?
if i am not mistaken it is the third eye lid that  boxers have, some are light ,some are dark, some show and some don't.could be wrong
It depends on how much the eye will tighten as she gets older and gains her adult teeth.  The haw is not a fault and the only way it can hurt her is if it takes away from her expression.   You breeder if a reputable one should be able to give you an overall eval.  She (the pup) may have other stronger features that will draw attention from her faults.   But there is a reason why (I hope) the breeder selected her as a show prospect, so I would talk to her about why your pup is show and not a pet puppy.

A white haw is the membrane surrounding the eye.  It comes in light or dark.  There normally is a black outline from the eyelid to the eye.   Here is a picture of a light haw that was used on another forum -  and hope Jill does not mind me posting it for educational reasons.  You can see the eye on the left has a dark haw, and the one on the right, a light haw.   So that is the difference between white and dark.
I think they are both a very different look
i think maverick has a white haw then....hmmm never even knew this existed before. Thanks for bringing it up so I could be educated on it.
As with any deviation from our standard, haw preference depends purely on the judge. My personal view is that haws are only part of the paint job and that we currently have much bigger structural problems in our breed.

Yes, tight eyes are preferable, regardless of haw color. Loose eyes detract not only from the expression, but also from the purpose for what our breed was intended as it would have affected their original job by allowing dirt and debris to be caught in the eye while working. Haw color wouldn't have affected their ability to perform this job at all. ;)

My current show gal, Mia, has one white haw, but that hasn't stopped me from showing her.

Best of luck with your new pup! Any pics?? :D
Interesting, never knew that before.
Thanks for the replies!

A lot of what has been posted is similar to what I have been reading. Light haws should only be considered a cosmetic fault and the judge's opinion and tightness of the eye makes a big difference.

She's due to come home in about 1.5 weeks so I will post photos then!  :D

Any others have opinions or stories to share?.. :?:
I agree with the other comments, the main 'problem' with light haws is how much they may (or may not) detract from expression.

After about 8 weeks will they get 'worse' or stay about the same in appearence?
They'll probably get worse for a while; Boxer puppies typically go through these phases where their skin just seems to be melting off of them, and the lower eyelids are no exception - they hang way down and the haws are extremely visible. ;)  However, generally speaking what you see at 8 weeks is proportionately what you get in an adult, so tight eyes at that age will most likely be tight once the growth has pretty well leveled off. :)
BurningRiver\";p=\"67150 said:
Is Sabre her daddy? :)
No he's not, but that would sure be nice! Didn't he pass away a few years back?
A white haw is the membrane surrounding the eye.
I believe so, but I think they have frozen on him. . .
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