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Lilly and Isis...Can you see the resemblance?

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I thought I would share these so you guys could see how much Ky's Isis and my Lilly look alike...Lilly is on the left and Isis is on the right...The chick in the middle is!!!

Hope you guys like...
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They are so beautiful!! I can't tell the difference between them! LOL Liz I love your new Sig!!
awww great pics i luv them
my girlys hehe
They are georgous girls, but as long as I can see their eyes, then I can tell the difference lol.  I love them both as they are just beautiful girls!!! Give them both a big hug and kiss from me!
They are both so beautiful.
Oh yea, they definitely look a lot alike..If it wasn't for the fact that Isis had 2 blue eyes, I wouldn't be aable to tell them apart....New Siggy looks great Liz  :)
What beautiful pups, the 2nd pic is my favorite, such expressive faces :D
Beautiful! Both are gorgeous girls! I love your new avatar, Liz!

And your new siggy...especially the last one of you and Isis together...GORGEOUS!
lillyzmomma\";p=\"36372 said:
Love your sig! WHO did it for you??? I keep wanting to do something a little different...but, I don't really know much bout it!
my 2 nice sigs are mastray and kate...the pic of me and isis i did this morning..its nothing fancy just a nice pic so i thought id use it..

uhmm liz's was done by marie..i took the pic yesterday here and sent to her..its gorgoues isnt it..haha it only took me 30 shots to get the right pic of lilly hahahahaha
Actaully, The top siggy is by Kate (pic taken and provided by Ky) and the bottom one is by Marie!!!

Aren't they fabulous!!!?  Between the awesome pix and the creative nature or the artist, I believe I hit the jackpot!!!
ok so what liz we allllllll know im retarded hahahahah

i was 1/2 right..i knew they both did them but i couldnt see when i was typing that haha...

they are both gorgeous !
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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