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Good afternoon/ evening all

Pup had her final vaccinations today cried like baby, vet took 3 attempts so understandable.
Sophie has been over compensating on one back leg for what I have noticed for over a week now. This over compensation has seemed to have got stronger this week, most noticeably when going outside, this one leg will be protected fully in air whilst jumping the back door step.
Shes now 10 weeks, sleeps all day (specifically on that leg) but when she's hyper it's like she literally turns into a pit bull adding two stone in weight! She's otherwise perfect health and appetite and shows no sign of pain whatsoever..... other then what I'd call protecting this leg
All was mentioned to the vet and basically discarded no concern at all, had a basic check of leg, ..will be going to another vet .
She bounces and jumps like a lunatic... but shows no sign of pain ..... but somthing is no quite right.
If anyone can offer anything on that, it will be very much appreciated
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