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Limping.. Again!

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Tink is limping again! She would limp alot after going for a walk, but she hasnt been for a walk in a  while. Seeing how my brother was watching them and does NOT walk dogs lol I dont really know how this would happen? We have her on Glucosamin and she did have major knee surgery a couple years ago, but i doubt that would be the source? Any thoughts?
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Was she limping before?  Did she injure herself while at your brothers.  Kind of need more information.  Has she had this problem before?  If you don't have the answers to those questions, I'd call the vet.  Sorry no help here.
Yep....I agree with Kate about all those questions.  When did it start, is he limping or holding the foot up off the ground, anything happen at your borthers (playing rough, accident, other dogs etc....) Do you remember what kind of knee surgery he had? It could be the Gluco is not strong enough or he has adapted to the level of it.  I would suggest to have him checked if it is not better in a 3 day period...Unless he is not putting weight on a foot/leg then I would go on in with him....
She isnt putting weight on it. And I dont think there was any rough play.. i hope not. But i'll be keeping a very close eye on her. Her knee cap was out of place and would not go back? Something like that. It happened when we friends of ours took care of her, and they kicked her, literally, off the bed. Lets just say we dont talk to them any more. If this does persist, shes going off to the vet. Thanks for the help guys.
you should kick those "friends" and see how they like it.
That sounds like a luxated patella surgery.  Considering that this surgery generally places the knee cap back on with something very similar to very very thick fishing line, it is possible for it to break, wear or snap.

Also, if she is not putting any weight on it at all it is more then a bruise.  They will touch toe down on a bruise or sprain generally.  I would take her in to have it checked.  Especially if you remember that being the surgery she had.
K. So she started limping yesterday, from what i know cause thats when i got her back from my brother. But she seems better now, she does put weight down on it but i do see some progress. If this doesnt clear up soon ill be taking her in. And yes i did shun those "friends" from being around me and my dogs. I no longer interact with them. I feel very strongly about people treating dogs badly.
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