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Little poop eater!

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It has come to my attention that if the military needed a guided missle that would hone itself in on cat poop, Kota would be up for the task.  He can find cat poop in the proverbial hay stack.  Thats all he is after, he leaves his alone, other dogs alone. But, he sure does love dryed up cat pretzels.  He is so sneakey about finding them, don't know where he finds them or why. Where did this behaviour come from? what do I do to stop it? We have toooooooo darn many cats runnig around our neighborhood as it is, I would love to thin them out the right way (trap them and take them to the pound).  But that's another story.  What do I do about a cat poop eater.  Maybe he's tasten em before he eats em :twisted:  .  Kota is just at 6 months old.  Thanks for any help.
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I know I've seen a thread on here somewhere about this... you should type "poop eater" or something in the search box and see what comes up.
im sorry If I make anyone mad.... I dont like cats!! Ok, they dont like moth balls, put some where they are doing their buisness. if your baby isnt eating anything else, then maybe he wont bother the moth balls. Cats hate them, but im not sure that they are puppy safe. I dont know what else I can say other than I hope that helped. "dried up cat pretzles" lmfao thats good stuff. ha ha ha. gross.
We have the same problem with Reese!! It twas i who posted on this previously. Sadly there is not much that can be done. Apparently i was informed that they grow out of it, but if your pup is 6 months then i know it wont end soon!! :D Reese is only 4 months. We started keeping our bathroom door opened just enough for the cat to get through. We keep an eye on Reese and if she actually gets in the bathroom then i give her a slight little thump on the nose and tell her "no no, that is ewwww" i only do this if i actually catch her though. She has cut back, but i found her this morning in the nic of time-she almost had  brunch. Blah!
We once lived in the country and had several cats and 3 boxers.  Of course the cats pooped all over and the dogs ate it their whole lives.  You can scold them when they do it, but I found it was really a full-time job as ours basically had run of the place.  They like it because cat food has lots of sugar in it and it takes like candy to them. Unless yours are only out when surpervised and you can use the command "leave it" to get them to leave it alone, but that will only be good after you have taught it and are still around if they spot some.

Good Luck

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