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Lokis First Vet Visit

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Loki went to the vet for the first time yesturday. The vet said that he is doing really well and actually above normal boxers at his age from what she told me. And since he was such a good boy for the vet mommy bought him a toy (will post pics of him playing with his new toys later). Has anybodies boxers after they got there shots took a big runny dump later that night. :-&  Loki got the parvo, corona, and deworming shot. I was just wondering because it was really nasty last night when we got home.

Lokis pooty training is going alot better. He slept all through the night a couple of nights ago. 8O  He is starting to answer when I ask him if he needs to go outside. Only a couple of accidents in the past 2 days, so i think its finally getting better.   :D

Also to let everyone new. Loki has new friends and that would be my good friend Ruffins 2 BlueTick Hounds. That was a riot watching them getting to know each other and playing. That was when Loki really starting to growl and bark.

I will post new pictures tonight when I get home so everybody can see how big he is getting. Although I don't have any pictures of the Hemi, Daisy (the bluetick hounds), and Loki playing but I am sure those will come really soon.

That is the update on Loki.
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Glad the visit went well and yes the shots can make them have loose stool!!
Sounds like Loki did great at the vets and got a toy too?? Woo hoo...Such a good boy...Oh yes, we definitely need some new pics of him.... :)
glad his vist went well, and i am sure he will have fun with his new friends :) and yes bring on the pics!!!
So happy Lokis vet went well, it always a good thing to hear that they are healthy.
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