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I lost my Band Dawg Gunther in 2010, I lost my Baby Girl (White Boxer) in 2013 and finally my Wl GSD, Rocky in 2015. Time goes by ... we get Bella out our current girl ... Bella (Boxer/Pit) in 2017 ,,, she's a good girl for the most part?? But ... not quite the same as my Boxer???

My Band Dawg and my GSD, were what I would deem as serious dog's?? Now they did have a different take on people as my Band Dawg liked people and my GSD ... yeah not so much??

Well after the Covid crap and all ... our friends came by and they brought my buddy Gidon with them. I had not seen him in a year or so???

LOL he is a Euro/American and yeah sigh he dwarfs my Stru in size ... same old same old! But he reminded me off why I luv Boxer's so much!!

He remembers me and we played grabby face just like we always did ... back in the day! He was just a big barrel of giggles!! I just grab his flews and tug. :)

It brought me back to my Stru day's ... my Band Dawg and much less my GSD ... would not have thought ... that crap is fun?? And my Bella that luv's me dearly does not play that game?? But Gidion, who had not seen me in a year, still does!

It was how we always played. We had fun! And he reminded me off why I luv Boxer's so much! Don't take life so seriously ... we are "here, to have fun! :)
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