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Lola's 1 year vet visit. This bill is insane!

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Took Lo for her 1 year check-up last night!
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grumpee\";p=\"114013 said:
thats why we got the insurance plan for Patch. We pay $20 a month and all that is covered was his neutering.
I have insurance, but I cancelled her "well care" and upped the emergency care since I figured she'd only go to the vet once a year from now on.  Oh how I wish I kept it now!
Soccergk1987\";p=\"114017 said:
ummm if that is my bill when i take dungy... i would cry and then have to call my parents to transfer money into my account
I almost did.  My dad's calling around to other vets right now, he swears I'm getting ripped off and is fuming!
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"114022":zjoxkmab]Happy to hear that Lola got a clean bill of health at the vet. I think I would need to be hospitalized after fainting when I got that bill!
Re: Lola's 1 year vet visit. i This bill is insane!

[quote="Soccergk1987\";p=\"114035":214zliz6]why did she need all that done... i havent taken dungy for a 1 year yet... obviously lol... but i have taken my other dogs for my parents and the most it cost to get everything was less than 200... that was their annual too.
$209.00......ummm Sharon will you be my vet???  PLEASE!

I had a feeling I got taken to the cleaners.  I haven't opened the Heartguard or Advantix yet so I'll try returning them tonight and shop around.  I'm so distraught now.  My family has used this vet for years, but their prices keep going up and up.  They just moved into a new fancy building so I have a feeling we're paying for that!  My dad called the MSPCA and ran down the entire bill with them, they also agreed that it was ridiculous and way over priced.  

I was reading the Dr. Fosters catalog and it said I needed a prescription for meds, do I have to obtain that from my vet or will they take care of it?  I would save so much ordering it.

Ugh, between this and my poison ivy it's been one miserable week.
HannaBanana\";p=\"114138 said:
Did they put her on a three year shot/rabies program?
They said the rabies was three year, not sure about the others.
brown274\";p=\"114046 said:
What Insurance do you guys have?I have been thinking of getting it.
I have VPI.  It actually worked out pretty well last year with Lola being so sick when she was little.  This year I decided to cancell her well care core, which covers shots and would only cover one of each shot per year and one pack of meds per year.  So I decided I didn't need that since she'd only go to the vet once a year from now on and the cost to keep it at the time was I realize that I should have kept it!  I still have emergency coverage.
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