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Thank you for your in put on two Female boxer

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Yeah ... "NO!" Someone somewhere, mentioned GSD's, multi female, household's can have "issue's" also?? And no doubt they can! I have heard the tale's and most of them come from "Breeder's!" But ... "GSD"S" are a whole nother league! And most owner's find, there hand's full, with one GSD 'regardless of sex," so that is not an Apples to Apples comparison!

And by and large the only one on Germanshepardforum, that mentioned, Inter female Aggression, was a Breeder! And most member's of JQP, do not collect GSD's like Lay's Potato Chip's?? Multi Boxer home owner's here is not uncommon, however. :)

As a general rule, with WL GSD's, "one" to deal with ... is more than enough for most people! On there, (GSDForum) only "MAWL" had "FIVE??" Four Working Line and one West German Showline, GSD! And she was not a "Breeder," but she was a LE K9 trainer!

And she never mentioned the sex of the dog's?? But most likely she had both?? I don't know and it does not matter. As they were GSD's and not Boxer's!

But GSDs play by the rule's! And if they have an "issue," with another
female housemate?? However sutle, they may be ... they will give "signal's that, "I have an issue, with this bitch!"

An female "Boxer's" ... do not, give warning's?? I have seen it with my Struddell, and it had "nothing" to do with inter female aggression! I "f'd up over baby kitten's being kitten's being born?? And Gunther and Band Dawg and Struddll, were there. While Struddell, with each birth watched quietly, Gunther issued a loud bark of excitement at each birth??

Sigh at number five ... Struddell, had enough of his crap?? And if Daddy was not gonna teach Gunther,"Proper Respect??" Then she would!!! And she cleared me ( I was between them) in a single bound??? And ripped into Gunther?? And she went, freaking Berserk!!???

She was just flat gone??!! And I am a veteran at breaking up dog fight's ... sigh, (learning curve crap) 85 lbs of American Band Dawg vs 113 lbs of Wl GSD, and a visit for me to the ER! Five freaking times before I got my crap together! Still even that, could not match the sheer rage, I saw in my baby girl??? She was just flat "insane and gone!!!!"

Gunther ... did not want to engage! He wanted to get the hell out of "Dodge!" Let "Daddy Deal with this Bitch!!!"

And I did! I had to grab her and hold her tight next to my head so as not to get bit! And she was still insane! And I went outside and laid down on her till she chilled the hell out!!! I could not release release her cuz she was ... just gone! And I feared she would hurt herself snapping at the air or bashing into crap?? After a few minuet's, I felt her relax and I let her up?? And she pop's up look's at me with a smile as if to say, "hey Dad ... what's up?? :crazyeye:

LOL ... I do luv the girls'! But trust me ... you don't want to piss them off! But that aside ... it's not just me. Boxer Rescue Policy, is "No Female Boxer's, in a Home That Already Has A Female Boxer!" Period end of story!

And I'm gonna guess, they have seen this crap before?? But in my case I had one dog that wanted to just get the hell out of there! And not "Two," that wanted to kill each other!! That would be a whole another level of hurt!

I volunteered at, "Boxer's and Buddies" and there stated policy was no female Boxer's get placed in home's that already have a female Boxer! Other Breed's, maybe with experienced owner's, As they have seen this crap before. And if they were lucky, they got there got there dog's back after such a display! Of it did not work out???

But hey it's a free country and people are free to do what they want. But just "understand," what your dealing with and as a general rule ... think between two to three year's before you can consider yourself "issue free," and in the clear??

And dare I say ... sigh, most Boxer owner's don't follow any of the standard, I have a serious dog rule's?? The Dog's do not sleep in Crate's, they do "Free Roam in the house indoor's, they do get up on the furniture and they do sleep with us! IE ... Lack of structure and rules. :)

Now I could be wrong ... but I am sure 99% of the member's here ... do all those thing's?? Just get a male Boxer and call it day! But hey I like the girl's myself! But ... I now have (not my choice) a female APBT/Boxer mix ... sigh and I am not to interested, in "seeing," "How Good Are You??" So yeah ...

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QUOTE=Dkstar26;1991568]Thank you for your in put on two Female boxer

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk[/QUOTE]Hmm ... you know, I think I did it again?? With Breed's I luv and have experience with. I do tend to "load," the Dark Side, up front??? But there is nothing worst, then getting "sandbagged," by a dog's behavior's that you don't understand??? Been there done that and it did work out fine, in the long run. (Rocky WL GSD) But the journey of discovery, was not a lot of fun. :crazyeye:

And undoing (issue's) can be "time consuming and expensive." Assuming one cares enough to bother??? And most of there issue's (WL GSD) tend to be "pack member's," if one has more than two dog's, or Human Aggression. Meaning "you," an up leash dog. Or your spouse or the kid's or if one get's at least that much right. Then they "could just go after everyone else "especially" in there home!

And yet they are always number three in most popular dog in America, go figure???
It's just the nature of the beast.

Boxer's on the other hand are quite a bit different?? Assuming a normal un-abused, puppy or dog. It's pretty much the normal ... pig headed and stubborn, I like people to much, potentially hair pulling experience??

Nope as a working line dog they are "almost," the perfect family pet! The "only "potential issue," would be inter female aggression! And unless thing's have changed ... that is built into there DNA.

Boxer rescue as I said, has seen enough of that crap, that they no longer place, another female Boxer, in a home that already has a Female Boxer. End of story there! But, I am also a pretty "Hard Core," every dog can be saved kinda guy! :)

And if your heart is set on getting a second female Boxer?? Then just start to work on this ... with your current Boxer.:

And do the same with a new girl! Now there are no guarantee's, in life. But I can stay as a "Fact" that in uh thousand's of post and ... millions of word's. I have never seen anyone say that "my dog is trained in the "Place Command and I do/did Sit on the Dog" and I have "serious freaking issue's!"

No One has ever said that. And while they seem not to be here anymore?? A while back there was a member on here and they said they have three or four female's (not a breeder) and they had no issue's??

So I suppose it can be done?? I just figure, that hey ... they are better than me and let it go at that. But at the time it was no big deal?? Cuz my next dog was gonna be a "Female Boxer!" But my wife sigh ... messed that plan up with, Bella a Female Boxer/APBT! Uh oh, I got a whole lotta Boxer DNA there?? But you know ... how much???

So next Boxer is gonna have to be a Boy ...maybe?? But hey, I got work to do now before I get another dog, so you know ... maybe you go first, with a second girl. And train "Place and Sit on the Dog!" And you know ...let me know, how it's going?? :)
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