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LONG Update on Lola..bad 2 days and I found her breeder!

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If you read my last few posts then you know that we found out Lola had a cough on Tuesday and I was trying to track her breeder down to attempt to figure out why she's so sick all the time.
So here's the update..... Lola has been coughing pretty bad since Tuesday and she has a very runny nose.  She's on an antibiotic and robitussin.  I don't think she's slept through the night since..and neither have we.  Yesterday morning she started having loose stool and I noticed a little blood in it.  I thought the blood might be because she had the runs.  She only ate one cup of food yesterday by the time I went work at 1pm, my mother called me at 5pm to tell me that Lola had gone in her kennel which she never does and it was very bloody.  I got home at 9pm and from 9pm until 5am this morning she was outside going the bathroom every 15 or 30 minutes!  And it was pure blood coming out of her.  I had to keep wiping her butt because there was blood all over it.  I felt so bad, she was whining all night and neither of us slept more than 2 hours.  I tried putting her in her kennel, but 15 minutes after I went upstairs I could hear her crying and I ran downstairs too late, she had gone in her kennel.  So I cleaned up and took her upstairs with me, but every 15 minutes we were both running downstairs and out the door.  So I ended up on the couch and left the backdoor ajar a little so she could run in and out...yard is small and completley fenced in.  By 6am I think we both passed out until 7:30am, then I had to get up for work.  I called the vet right when they opened and made an appointment for 4:30pm (all the had open).  Went to work until 3:30pm, then off to the vet.  They took a stool sample to rule out parasites.  They think it's either that or a reaction to her meds for her cough.  They put her on Metronidazole for her stool problems.  So right now I have to give her that, her cough meds, the Robitussin and Pepcid AC if I want to.  They want her on a bland diet of chicken and rice for 2 days.  They'll call with the results of the stool sample on Monday.  I'm just so upset and feel so bad for her,  I feel like she's sick every other week and it makes me feel like a very bad mom.  So, since she is sick a lot I decided that I wanted to track down her breeder and find out if the parents or rest of the litter had any issues.
My boyfriend gave me her number because he was the one that found her on the internet and bought Lola for my birthday.  She was very nice, but really had no information for me.  She said that she owned the mother for 6 years and never had any health issues with her (she recently got loose from the house and hit by a car and has passed on).  She doesn't own the male, but knows the guy who does and said he has had no problems that she knows of.  She kept 2 puppies from Lola's litter and said they are both healty and has had no white male and a briddle female.  She gave 2 other puppies away besides Lola one to Florida and one to Michigan, so she is going to call them to find out how those puppies are and then give me an update.  I asked about health testing prior to breeding and all she kept saying were both parents were/are healthy.  Red Flag.....I don't think any health tests were done.  All in all, that didn't help me.  She was very nice though, and seemed very concerned for Lola and wants me to keep her updated.  
So that's the story.  Sorry so long, I had to share & vent with people who would understand.  Right now Lola's passed out...let's hope we both get some sleep tonight!  Poor thing has snots running down her nose and blood running down her butt.....but she's still beaning and running around with toys in her mouth just wanting to play!  God bless her!
Thanks for listening / reading!  I'll post an update when the results come in.
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Ohh that poor baby!  I had tears just reading all she is going through (you too).  Prayers to you and Lola that they are able to get this cleared up soon and she will be on her way to a healthy life!
Awwww that poor little girl. Please keep us updated. Lola will be in my thoughts and prayers...
Hope she doesnt have parvo =/ keep us informed.
awwwwwww poor Lola...and poor you. So sorry things are so rough right now. I really hope the vets figure this out and she can get healthy and stay healthy!!! Good luck to you both
I was crying by the time I got done reading your post because I know how you feel. I have been there many of times with Chloe
Poor Lola...  I hope that she is feeling better soon and it is nothing serious!
Poor baby... I hope you find out what is causing her problem and that she gets well soon.  We'll keep both of your in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  Keep us posted!!!  Give Lola a big hug from us.
Alicia, I am so sorry that Lola has been having such a rough time of it..Good for you for tracking down the breeder even tho you didn't get any useful information from her. Sending Lola lots of healing vibes, nice hugs and some for you as well. I know this has really been hard on you...Hoping the vet can finally get some answers to Lola can get on the road to recovery...
Poor baby! I hope the best for you and Lola, She'll pull through it and be her old crazy self again soon. :)
Poor baby, it breaks my heart to hear she is having so many problems.  I sure hope the vet figures out what is wrong so she can get treatment that will make her better.  You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
Poor little baby, I am so sorry you and Lola are going through this. You are a wonderful Mom, Lola is lucky to have a loving mommy like you and like Shari said she was given to you for a reason. I hope that she feels better soon and that you both get some much needed sleep tonight. Keep us posted. (((hugs)))
Poor Lola and poor you too. Sending you healing wishes and positive vibes for good test results.
I hope she feels better soon and i am sorry you both are going through all of this let us know what you find out with the vet.
OMG Alicia, I'm so sorry you and Lola are having to go thru this.  I know how you must feel (constant medical issues) and please know that you're doing a great job taking care of Lola; she's very lucky to have you.  Let us know as soon as you hear back from the vet and our thoughts/prayers are with you.
*Beckham sends kisses to both of you*
Geez Alicia I'm so sorry to hear everything that is going on with Lola. I hope the two of you had a better night last night and were able to get some sleep. I'm praying that this is nothing too serious and Lola will be feeling better real soon. Hugs to Lola and you.
Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven't been on.  Thank you all so much for your kind words and encourgement.  I really do appreciate all of you and am so greatful that I have people to talk to who understand.  Well, Saturday night was a little better.  Lola fell asleep on the couch at 9:30pm and slept until 8am....she only woke up to cough.  I didn't have the heart to move her so I grabbed a pillow and blanket and curled up next to her.  At least she slept!  She was very tired all day Sunday, but her cough seems to be better and no more blood in her stool!  It's still runny, but no I'm excited about that.  I haven't heard from the vet yet but as soon as I do I will let you know!  Thank you all so much.  I'm so glad I have a place to vent.  Lola says thank you too and she loves you all!!
YAY!!!! I'm so glad to hear that Lola is feeling better.. Give her a kiss from me and Chloe  :D
poor lola, my thoughts are with you alicia and sure hope she gets to feeling better soon.
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