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look at all these beautiful boxers in a shelter

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FWLegacy Boxer Rescue - Serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth (D Metroplex) and Austin areas of Texas...theres lot of boxers here that need foster homes if i was in texas i would take a few but live too far away
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I would love to be able to help out/foster/adopt a boxer from a rescue but they aren't as big in Canada.
They seem like they have a full house at that shelter...kudos to them for what they do!
If I was close by I'd be down there in an instant
I would take all of them if I could!!! We got Harley, and Dozer was our rescue baby, but I don't think I have the room for another one! I would love to have about 4, but hubby said no! :lol:
There are 6 Boxer rescues in Texas. Just thinking about that makes me sad.
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