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Look at this little french gremlin boxer!

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I was looking on a french boxer forum and i discovered this little girl - she's a pedigree boxer and i think she has the funniest little flat gremlin face i've ever seen :D

and this will be in a few years.....

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Oh my that she soo cute!!  You should get her annette :D
That's so ridiculous that its cute!  Whatever they do they better not feed her after midnight or get her wet...
Haha!! Kind of looks like a guinea pig or even a Furby! She is adorable though!  :D
hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a furby...lmao she does look like a gemlin...

hmmmm were you looking b/c you might get herrrrrrrrrrrrr 8O hehe

shes too cute !!
Now that's a run into a brick wall at 100mph face if I ever saw one :lol:  so very cute....
[quote="JettaAndOscar\";p=\"80311":2kpqf2a9]That's so ridiculous that its cute!
Too cute  :lol: That is one smooshy little face!
Oh how cute! She even has little "spock" ears too!!!!!

ohhh i love her little stubby nose...too cute!
Annette, I really think Voltaire would love her for a little sister  :) Can't you hear him talking to you "Mom, she looks cute, can I have her?"  :lol:
I would be interested about her look in a few weeks or after a year.

But she is cute like all puppies!
She is adorable, I just love her little squished face.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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