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Ah yes...boxer destruction!!  :lol:  I swear one day you will look back at this and laugh! Been there many times! Buster used to chew and sometimes eat my rugs, magazines, tissues, boxes, whatever was out and laying around. Maddie has attacked a couch pillow and got some pork chops but nothing too major.
Maddie is now 2 1/2 and I can leave her out with full roam when I am gone. It took a while to get to this point with her, but she is pretty trustworthy now.
I started out very slow with her. 10-15 minute trips at a time. Gradually increasing her time at home alone. Mostly I think she just plops her butt on the couch by the window just waiting for someone to come home. Now when I come home she rarely even jumps off the couch to greet me. Lazy couch potato! It'll happen for Roxy, just start very slowly.  :wink:
BTW...where do you keep Astro and Jersey?
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