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Forgive me Dana...I don't see how I could be SO dense! :roll:  WHY I thought we were talking about Jersey when you SAID Roxy, I don't know? I am very sorry :oops: is, of course, a totally different thing when the dog is 2 years old! How incredibly frustrating!!  Yikes...I am not sure when, or if, we will ever leave the dogs out on their own...but, that is because we know someone who had the entire house shredded by a bored boxer he left, we just went ahead and built a huge kennel in the garage for when we are gone for long periods...because we are pretty sure that is what we would come home to...I am So sorry you had to deal with such a mess!!  And I am SO VERY SORRY that you had to deal with comments from someone who wasn't paying nearly enough attention to what she was writing!   :oops:

Please accept my apology...I wish I had never said anything!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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