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We would never leave Zara to wander free range of the house or a room, it's just not worth the risk and if something happened we would never forgive ourselves.  I have a fair degree of separation anxiety too and I love to know she is safe at home and content in her box.   We did leave a pen around her crate once but even then she dragged the whole thing around.  Actually the funny thing is, she must remember that it stopped her from getting out because even now we frequently segregate a room off and she will not jump over it (2 feet high).  She is such a good girl at home, never chews anything and will often take herself off to bed (crate) at night or during the day for a nap.  Today I was home to go and pick up the kids from school while my partner was on a call and guess what???......Zara had taken  herself off to the crate because she knows at that time of day that's where she has to go.  Santa is giving the good boxies at our place a new crate this year!
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