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The accident happened during the 3 weeks that my boyfriend was sleeping here.  We are separating them in different rooms for two reasons.  One reason is because my room is kind of small and I don't have room for all 3 crates.  The other reason is that Astro is more bonded to my boyfriend so he sleeps in his crate in the room my boyfriend sleeps in.  And also when my boyfriend goes back to his dad's house for the other week out of the month, Astro goes with him.  We have been doing this routine for about 1 year now.
That sounds all very thoughtfull !

And who has still the possibiligy to empty one room for the dogs where they can play together,
where they have some stuff to play and their beds (without any crates).
The "Crate-thing" is not so popular in Germany (I don
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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