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Look what I found on the couch..

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Hi Daddy!
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:lol:   Very cute pic!  They look so comfy!
Very cute all snuggeled up!
Aawwww, how cute is that? Great pic
ya, but he isn't supposed to be on the couch, lol... but I had to take the picture.
What a great picture.  That's what I said at first too, not on the couch  :lol: now we snuggle on the couch all the time, just can't help it.
thats my wifes rule, lol, I dont care if he is on the couch ;)
with that little girl, I highly doubt he will be an "off the couch dog" you will give up in a couple of weeks!
ya, he is a cuddler :)

my wife even had him on the couch last night... LOL
tehehehe...didn't we all have that rule when we first got a boxer? Not on the couch! And, how long did that last?

Very cute pic.  :D  I love boxers and kids!
he loves our kids, esp my daughter :) in fact, Patch seems to like females more than males..
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"48139":3jqkzdzf]tehehehe...didn't we all have that rule when we first got a boxer? Not on the couch! And, how long did that last?

Very cute pic.
an update... I told my wife about the comments of the 'no couch' rule lasting about 2 weeks, and last night Patch was asleep on the couch, and my wife sat down beside him and let him lay there... Patch has really made an impact on her :)
Awwww, it really is hard to resist isn't it? Mine have always been allowed in the furniture and the bed, in my lap, you name it...It really would be hard not to actually..Now my sister has never allowed Jake, Golden Retreiver on any furniture, poor guy, but to each his own...
ya, patch is just too cute and cuddly to not let up there.. he has slept with us once though..
Looks like Patch likes to cuddle!  With Charlie, I had a rule that he couldn't get on my recliner out of fear of him tearing it.  He would lay on the couch with the wife and after awhile, I got jealous.  That was about a year ago, he's still very hesitant to get in the chair!  Sadie isn't scared to climb anywhere when she's ready to cuddle!
yup, when he wants some love, he will make sure you give it to him, lol
HAHA....Yep...It does not take long for you to break your own rules.  Tell your wife that Fiona is not allowed on the couch either  :roll:  :wink:
lol mine have more pics on the couch than the floor hahaha...couch surfers..they get our hearts dont they?

that pics is the cutest !!
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