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Looking for a good breeding book....

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We want to breed Sweetie, at least once. Can anyone recommend a good book to get us going in the right direction??? THANKS!

Happy Holidays!!!! :p
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In addition to reading all the things in the breeding section, I would recomend a visit to Jennifer(Newcastle) web site, which is where I got a lot of my information for articles...She is very knowledgeable and her site has a huge amount of information as well
First find info on the proper health testing and Show your girl to confirm her conformation to the breed standard. Breeding is not to be taken lightly, as when it is it only hurts the breed with perpetuating poor characteristics.
I would contact a local reputable breeder, someone that does health testing and has a good reputation.  They could help you evaluate your baby to see if she should be bred.
I'm assuming you bought her as a pet. Just curious why you would wan't to even put the girl through the stress of it. It is not only alot of work and worry for you, but quite a bit of stress on the body and health of your bitch. I'm not trying to be negative, it's just a major deal, and should be seriously considered. There are way too many back yard breeders making health issue's for this breed already.
You should never breed before 2 years of age-- (I see you avatar says 10.5 months) regardless of wether or not she has has a cycle.  This is because for the proper health/genetic tests to be done they need to be at least 2 y/o.  These tests are very expensive to say the least.  If you talk to any Quality Breeder they will tell you that you lose money when you have a litter you don't make money.  If your dog is a show dog who has gone through and completed conformation and passes the proper health and genetic tests than look for a breeder who will work as a mentor with you.

i think everyone pretty muched sumed it up. Breeding is a big responsibility and isnt taken lightly on the forum. I give kudos to asking questions and wanting to do research before you actually breed her. I agree that she needs to show to see if she does conform to the breed standard, and that it is correct that you should wait til 2 yrs so that all the proper testing can be done. Also keep in mind that breeders breed for the love of the breed, not for the money for there is no money to be made. If you are looking to produce a dog with Sweeties personalities and characteristics...remember that wont happen. Sweetie is the only sweetie!! :) If you did purchase her as a pet, then i would DEF reccommend that you not breed. Best of luck in your research.
O boy!! the word breeding in this place opens a can of worms everytime......Hope you get all the info you need here before you go poking around on her....Merry Christmas anyway!!
the word breeding in this place opens a can of worms everytime
Yep it does and all for a good reason.  Just because you can, does not mean you should.   If people are not advocates of responsible and ethical breeding, then the entire breed goes right down the tubes, rescues get flooded, and more innocent dogs lose their lives too early for things that can br prevented.   Thats all.
Boxerdaddy, it opens a can of worms mainly due to the fact that we love the breed and want only the best. Also, it clearly states in our rules that we dont condone unethical breeding

15. Unethical Breeding Discussions
While Boxer Forums does not encourage the unethical or irresponsible breeding of boxers, Boxer Forums will support ethical responsible breeders and provide a forum in which questions and concerns can be discussed. Discussion of breeding practices that would be determined by most to be unethical or irresponsible include: breeding white boxers, breeding young untested dogs under the age of 2, and breeding for any purpose other than to improve the breed and/or your line.

Back yard breeders and commercial breeders are not welcome.
samsonsmom\";p=\"61305 said:
Boxerdaddy, it opens a can of worms mainly due to the fact that we love the breed and want only the best. Also, it clearly states in our rules that we condone unethical breeding
I think you mean "Don't condone unethical breeding"  We don't want people to get the wrong impression.  I realize this was just a typo.

Oh my god!!!! Thank you for pointing that out Scott....Goos lord, I'll get that changed......Yikes 8O
There are a number of book recommendations in my article on breeding:

Also, a few more which have been published since that was written:
The Dog Breeder's Guide to Successful Breeding and Healthy Management by Margaret Kustritz
Canine Reproduction and Whelping - A Dog Breeder's Guide and Puppy Intensive Care: A Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies, both by Myra Savant-Harris
The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog by Ann Serranne

Also a good website with a thorough book as part of the Home Study Program:
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