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looking for a meetup

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So I live in Indianapolis, IN and I really want to take dungy to a boxer meetup but there isnt one in Indiana and i was wondering if maybe the ohio or illinois people could tell me about theres because i think i would be willing to drive so dungy could play w/ his kind lol
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there is one this coming sunday at 1:00 in chicago, at a place called" the barking lot."if you are interested let me know i will pm you the info.
I prolly won't be able to get up there till may, so if u know any may dates that would be great
when they give me the date of the may meetup i will let you know!
Please let me know too, I think we can make May.
no problem barb! the group moderator will be so happy to see more boxers!!
You can always start your own Indianan meetup.
Same here, looking for Indy meetup!! I have met with Laura, and Dungy sweet baby! Love to meet some more Boxers and their people!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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