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Looks thin to me

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My male 1 year old Boxer seems really skinny to me.  He is on Solid Gold's Wolf King.  I feed him twice a day, 2 cups at a time.  His ribs are prominent, and I can see his spine.  Other than the way he looks he acts normal, and has lots of energy.  When I rescued him 4 months ago he weighed 55lbs......I don't think he has gained any weight since.  The vet told me he was healthy, no worms or parasites, so I know its not worms.  Should I put him on a higher fat, higher protein diet.  I was leaning towards the Wellness Core series.  Any it because he is still not filled out yet??
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An overhead shot of his body would be helpful to judge.   As for fattening him up - add stuff like cottage cheese to his kibble, and there are things call satin balls that are good at adding weight. ... balls.html

I would just watch the protein level in the Core esp due to his age.   Boxers do not stop growing until about 18 months and IMO you should not feed a growing pup anything over 28% protein.
If you can see his spine, that is not good...What you may want to try first is adding some extra protein to his meals, like scrambled eggs. Also give him a Kong as a power snack in the middle of the day filled with peanut butter & low fat, plain yogurt...Freeze it for a couple hours and your baby will be a happy boy...I also add sardines packed in olive oil, my 2 just love that :) Yes, he is still a puppy, but when you can see the spine, that's a bit too thin even by Boxer standars
Bruce looked skinny to me until he was about 3...he has always been very active and eaten whenever he wanted to.  I know having food out all the time doesn't work for all dogs, and some people object to it, but it's worked well for him...he only likes to eat when things are quiet and will leave food for just about any reason so this way we were sure he was never hungry.  A vet is the best one to tell you if it's just being a young boxer skinny or if he's underweight.
Milo will lose a ton of weight if we don't have him on a food for "high-energy" dogs like Nuto Naturals High-energy. I'd also try feeding him more, the guide on the back of the dog food is just that, a guide. Plus boxers are hyper dogs and burn off more fat that most other dogs.
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