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Loose Stools

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Chloe was diagnosed with Girardea about 3 weeks ago - she was on meds for 5 days.
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Update - well she wasn't better last night - so I got her into the vets first thing this morning.

They couldn't get a stool sample (she didn't have any :() - but they went ahead and gave me another course of anti-biotics along with a box of this stuff from Purina - it is supposed to be some dietary enzymes to help "reset" her dietary tract.  She also got a shot to help solidify her stools and the Perscripts food.

Anyway - the vet told me a couple of rules to go by so I don't have to bring her in everytime this happens.  He said as long as she is not dehydrated and they are not vomiting too - not to worry about it - just to see if it will run its course.  If it is still a problem after a week or if she cannot keep down water - to bring her in.
Hi ssimmons99,
You can also try adding a teaspoon of canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) to her food. This will add bulk fiber to bulk up her stools.

If you don't have her on digestive enzymes/probiotics I'd consider giving them a try. I use a brand called DogZymes Digestive Enhancer available for purchased through a company called "Natures Farmacy". Link here:

I purchase the powdered form.

The Probiotic supplement that I mentioned above will put good bacteria back into the system. The bulk fiber will give the good bacteria something to eat. The digestive enzymes will take the work off the pancreas. All around this product should encourage better digestion for your girl.

If this doesn't help and if you don't see improvement within a few days, I'd ask about Coccidia and a course of Albon.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the info - is it common for them to get upset stomaches like this?  This is my first dog as an adult and I don't ever remember any of the dogs we had when I was a kid that had this many issues - then again this is the first inside dog too....
In general, my experience has been (and from what I've heard from others' dogs) that boxers do tend to have more sensitive tummies (compared to the other breeds that we've owned over the course of my life). My first boxer was a mess with regard to her tummy issues. My second boxer can eat nails; you can't intentionally give her the runs. My third does well as long as we don't over feed her.

Other things that I've done to minimize the runs are to feed smaller meals more often (we feed three times per day), feed a high quality diet (we feed raw), keep bulk fiber on hand in the event of the runs (I used to use canned pumpkin until I found a product called "Olewo" carrots. They're dried pelletized carrots that are imported from Germany. I order online, I think they cost approx. $11.00 for a 2lb box.) I've also added the digestive enzyme/probiotic combo that I mentioned above.

It also could be a virus. Sometimes things just happen and they need to run their course.

The runs happen on a very rare occasion here any more, but as I said before, my first dog (my backyard bred girlie) was a mess so I've just learned to have these things on hand just in case.
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