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Harry (1yo) was castrated 3 weeks ago. After that he was given painkiller medication but his poo was very runny so we were told to stop that and see how he gets on. A week later his poo was still runny so they did blood, urine and feces tests. Urine came back with white blood cells so they treated him for a urinary tract infection but then around 5 days later we got the blood tests which indicated he had the giardia paracite. His poo was returning to normal so the vet said to monitor it as better poo indicated all was okay.

His bloods also indicated that Protein was on the lower end or normal, Glucose lower end and Phosphorous upper end.

However, in the past few weeks Harry has not really been himself. He's still eating really well but he's lost 1.5kg since the operation and is down to 19.5kg. Not only that but he appears way more lethargic. He'll still go on a walk but it'll be a mix of walking slowly and then returning to normal speed. If he's let off on the field then he's like a normal dog, running around and behaving like a nutter.

I just can't work it out. We've been to the vet this morning where they took another blood sample so just waiting on the findings of that.

Any ideas, help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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