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I wanted to thank you all for the comfort I got from sharing Tye's story, and would like to give you an update.  
  After I shared our story, the next day, I was on my way home, and I looked over at one of those digital billboards, and guess what I saw?!?!?  a HUGE heart, that said, "mom's little sweetheart" next to it!!  I almost cried!  I think Tye was telling me how proud he was I shared our connection with ya all.
  Today, i was coming home, and I looked over, and a car had "I "heart" u"  wrote in the back window!  Then on down the road, I saw a car with an "infinity" logo in it's window!
   He is just something else, I tell ya, and it makes me soooo happy and warm inside 2 know he is with me, as I am with him, everyday, in every way, other than in physical form.
  I also wanted to let you know, I was able to post his picture under my album, but I am still struggling getting his spirit photo to load.  I'll keep trying!
 God bless and love ur all's boxers!  (and u 2!)   :D
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