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Love of the boxer

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I have been reading all these really sad post in the past few days I thought I would share a fun little story from this weekend. Soloman is going on 9 months and is quite a big boy now. He has been ripping apart a lot of his stuffed toys so it was time for a trip to find a few new ones. We ended up at petco.....Soloman loves to go in and pick out his new toys! As we were looking at the toys I see a woman standing several feet away looking like she was ready to run away. I started talking to her and she told me how she was really afraid of large dogs. I told Soloman to sit and what a good boy he was he sat right down and cocked his head. I then asked her if she would like to come and pet him? Once again she told me how afraid she was. I could see her fighting with her fear, it took only a few seconds of eye contact with Soloman before she came over to meet him. As she reached out to pet him Soloman dropped his head so she could scratch him behind his ears. It lasted only a min or two. The woman stepped back with a great big smile on her face and asked what kind of dog he was. I told her he was a boxer and how old he was. She was shocked by how young he was. To top off her new found courage Soloman stole her heart even more with a full body wiggle
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Good Boy Soloman! You helped a stranger get over her fears!!! I hope you got a "good cuz"!  :p
thats awesome.. thank you for reminding me... I have to go to petco today to get some more treats for jessie...
Aww what a good boy!
Awww! What a great story! I hope you and Soloman feel very proud!

What a wonderful story...Thanks so much for sharing.. Made me smile & go give my Samson a big hug....Bless you Solomon for helping that lady work thru her fears...Sounds like he would make a great therapy dog.....
heather-mumofdaisy\";p=\"2671 said:
Awww! What a great story! I hope you and Soloman feel very proud!

Yes I am very proud of my little boy. Soloman always seems to know just how to act around people.  He really has been a great addition to our family
Many people were skeptical when we said we were rescuing a boxer...but then everyone of them has fallen in LOVE with our Abby. She is so friendly...someone comes in and if they are willing to squat down to the floor with her, she gives each one a great boxer hug, ears drawn back all loving. She has won them all over! A friend of ours actually was not a dog person at all and said never to expect him to pupppysit...Abby has convinced him even that he someday would like to get a dog...and as for babysitting? No problem! teheheh..
That is an amazing story.  You just changed that lady for at least one day.  Hopefully her fear stays away or at least stays at a healthy level.  Solomon sounds like a superb example of a boxer!
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