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Love the snow shots! Boxer cazy-ness!

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 I'll lay off the pics now. :lol:
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Those are great too, it shows how athlectic are babies are.  Don't have to stop with pics, we love them.
I envy you!! You're gonna have some pretty worn out boxers!!! Today is the first decent weather we've gotten in like 2 1/2 wks... so Odin's going to the dog beach this evening to release some of that pent up energy!

Great pics!! Love action shots!
Great action shots.  :D  Looks like they had a blast!
Those are great!!!! That first one was hysterical....What do you mean you will lay of the pics? Huh? We want more  :lol:
Looks like they had a ball :lol: Great snow day pics!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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