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Lump on chest and toe (a bit of ranting too)

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So after reading about Chloe and Lilly's similar issues with lumps/bumps.  I got worried and brought Beckham to the vet last night.  Even though my puppy class instructor (also a vet) said that it was probably a histiocytoma and that it will go away on it's own, so to stop worrying.

The vet took cell samples from each lump and put them on slides.  After waiting a good 20 mins, she came back and was like "they're not cancerous and I don't see any cells that would suggest even a histiocytoma."  
*mini celebration*   :headbang:
Until I realized that this is just another instance of them not being able to tell me any more than I already knew!  

This occasion cost me/Visa $134 and all I was told is to keep an eye on them and they should just go away on their own.  "Gee thanks doc, I knew that before I even came in here!"  Isn't that why I pay you? So you can tell me something I DON'T know?  Umm hello?!!  We have a thing called the internet nowadays and you can find answers to pretty much ANYTHING on it and I do my research before calling the vet (not saying that the internet is always right).    :aua:

Yes, I know that my 'peace of mind' and the health of my baby don't have a price tag, but I feel like I'm at the vet's office at least once a month and I leave there broke/further in debit and without answers.  

Anyways, sorry for the rant.  Beckham is my first dog and so I am not used to all of these health issues/vet trips.  I guess with Boxers, this is something I'm going to have to get used to or get a second job to pay for his vet trips!  :signhelp:

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Glad that Beckham is okay!
I hear you loud and clear.  We got Lola in March and we've been to the vet 6 times already.  Brought her in last week for an ear infection and have to bring her in tonight because her eye is getting worse!  It's money well spent for peace of mind and to make sure that they're okay as you said...but I can't keep visiting the vet every week.  Of course now I think I'm doing something wrong with her.  I never remember any of my "family" dogs ever going this much.  Too bad we don't live closer....maybe we could get 2 for 1 vet deals  :lol:
We are very lucky in that our vet office is very reasonable and our dogs have been relatively healthy.  Some of the vets around here charge twice as much as ours.  Have you looked into a different vet?

Calli got lots of lumps as she got older but they were all just age related and nothing cancerous.
It may just be a burst cyst.  They can be red and the reason I had Lilly's removed is because it was starting to "red out" (red spreading outward).  It's just a bit of irritation and probably minor bruising.  You can try some mugwart (herb) to help relieve the bruising.  Mugwart is what I used on Lilly after her spay and her bruising is almost gone now.

Good Luck and no worries!!!  Healing ~~~~~VIBES AND LOT'S OF ALOHA~~~~~to Beckham.

Liz and Lilly
yeah i am glad Beckham is okay. I dont always like taking mine to the vet because they always say that one phrase, " Come back if its not better" and your like well I shouldnt need to  come back here because you are supposed to make it better the first time. Or its the "Come back when it is healed just to make sure it is gone".
YAY!!!!! I'm so happy to hear cutie Beckham is okay!!  :clap:  :dance:
I know how ya feel about vet visits, I was just looking over the booklet of Chloe's files to bring with me to the heart specialist and since  4/04/05- 06/26/2007 she has had 28 vet visits!!  8O
I'm glad Beckham is okay, better safe than sorry... :wink:
I guess I have been very fortunate with mine, and this goes all the way back to when Buck was a pup..I think I took him to the vets twice, once for an eye infection right after we got Tia(got it from her apparently) and one other time he just was real lethargic, some kind of bug ?...Then of course we made our mad dash thru Belfast when the dogs were in quarantine when Buck swallowed the squeaky ball....Ugh....Samson, despite his age, has been very healthy, just a bit of arthritis & Angel also is very healthy....

I sympathize with all of you that have been dealing with health issues and I know there will come a time when it will be me that needs some help or just  to vent, so everyone, feel free to vent!! Lol...It is frustrating when the vet gets a bit wishy washy in his diagnosis, huh? I think we expect so much from them sometimes and can't stand to see our babies hurting...No different than with our kids, right?
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Actually I kind of sympathize with vet's, their patients can't tell them what is wrong. Now doctors on the other hand have no excuses. How they can misdiagnose and treat illness in a patient that can verbalize exactly what they are feeling is beyond me.
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