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Luther's Not Eating

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What would cause Luther to not want to eat?
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Re: Luther not eating

Sometimes Duke doesn't eat.  I will put his breakfast out at 6 or 7 depending on the day and sometimes he won't eat until its supper time.  This morning he ate maybe 3 bites of his food.  I would give him a little time and see if he eats later.  He will eventually get hungry.
Re: Luther not eating

Bruce never eats breakfast, waits till about noon time and then will wolf down two cups of food.  Then at about 5 or 6 at night he'll eat his other 2 cups of food.
Re: Luther not eating

Hanna went thru stages of this, add another boxer, they will never leave a meal untouched.  I would just watch him, and see if he will eat this evening.   If he is not by tomorrow am, then Id call the Vet - possible blockage if he is not pooping, or maybe something else.  Try some alternatives as well -boiled chix etc.

Oh, maybe he is on Hunger Strike until he gets his buddy Bruce back!!!

***Good Luck John, Hope he eats!!!   Try loading you kids with some food, and play like its treats!  Who could resisist food from your two cuties!!
Re: Luther not eating

LOL about Bruce.... he misses him...  it has been going on for a few days... he usually gets this on a daily basis..

He usually get one cup of Innova Kibble in the morning with a few tablespoons of yogurt
He usually get half a cup for lunch (just kibble )
He usually gets another cup for dinner ( just kibble )
As long as he is playing and eliminating normally I wouldn't be too worried. Maddie has her days where she won't eat either. Hmm...I wish I had some days where I didn't want to eat!  :p
Bo never will not eat..Jetta will sometimes ignore her food...sounds normal to picky little boxers
Oggie does this when he's picky.  He tries to hold out for something tastier.
I hope that is the case.  I will just keep my eye on him to make sure he eats and poops ok.  thanks for all the feedback.
Charlie will miss meals, especially when we travel.  He is on edge constantly.  Like others have posted, I'd make sure he's still able to poop.  If he can't, more than likely something is blocking the intestinal tract.  I think most dogs skip meals every now and again.  I will say I don't recall Sadie ever missing a meal, I call her my little garbage disposal.  I think that girl would eat anything if you let her.
My wife said he pooped this morning after I left for work.
Lol, I like the hunger strike option..That sounds soo much like a Boxer  :lol: Hoping he's just off his feed for a couple days and it's nothing serious
He seems better.  he acutally ate lunch and dinner.  he did a few poops, so i know there is not blockage... he prob had a belly ache..
Angel started getting picky in the mornings for awhile, so I cut back on her morning meal some, then after we switched foods, she started eating regularly again, so possibly he was just bored?
Try cutting back to 2 meals. He is old enough. It may just be he is getting fed to often.
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