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Mac & Cheese?!?!?

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Probably nothing to worry about but . . . . Lola knocked a box of mac & cheese off the counter this morning and ate it....all of it including the box :doh: while I was getting ready for work!

Is there anything that can make her sick?  I ask because before joining the forum I never new grapes and raisins where toxic to dogs.  So figured I'd ask if hard macaroni, cheese in a bag and cardboard is?!

Yes, she was a little terror this morning!

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if she has food allergies..the corn/wheat in the macaroni may make her red or soemthing...or the glue *might* make her sick...but she should be fine
I *think* the glue on most of those packages is usually thermoplastic (think hot glue gun), so that should be a non issue.  Just make sure poop keeps on coming out and she should be fine
Maggie and Jessie shared Mac and Cheese with my nephew last week.  They are both fine!
lucky for miss get into stuff that the cardboard will break apart as it is goes through the system...Worst you have to look forward to is probably some loose stool.....:)
My preston has eaten prolly half of the things in my cubbard in the last year and havent had a problem.... except when he started pooping oragami birds ...... Other than that hes fine..   I was also told that if ever concerned about what he has ate.. ( after my boxer was poisened with antifreeze) give them a couple table spoons of hydrogen peroxide per 20lbs within the first 10-15 minutes after eating said thing. If doesnt throw up within 30sec repeat.. It wont hurt them a bit but they wont stop throwing up for about 2 minutes... This usually clears out most if not all the toxins that were taken in.

Had a preston problem with a batch og poatmeal rasin cookies... a mixing bowl full... he also got into our candy statch and ate 2 bags of hershey kisses bags and all... He is fine.... making him puke both times seemed to cure the problem.. how to make him stop....i need that answer...
Lola, Lola, Lola, what are we going to about you? Alicia, hoping she's doing allright after her "gourmet" meal..Dry macaroni? Ugh
how is lola doing?!
Lola's fine!  It didn't seem to faze her at all!  I still can't believe she ate the box....and the ENTIRE package of cheese!   :roll:   I don't know what's going on with the little bugger though, she's starting to counter surf and whine for food when we're eating......two things she's NEVER done until recently.  We've had people over and could leave a spread of food on the coffee table and she wouldn't even look at she tries to get at everything!  We're thinking someone is feeding her when we're not around!?!?  Problem is finding the culprit!  And getting them to tell the truth!

Thanks everyone!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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