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Maddie in action!

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After a full morning of trying to get a pic for the Xmas cards,   8O  I finally threw in the Santa hat and scarf and let Maddie at 'em! Here she is in all her glory after I tormented her again for pictures!  :p

Sniff...What is this thing???

Let's all bunny hop!

Screeech....Stop short!

Sniff. Sniff...I can't figure this out!

Alright..whatever it is I'm just gonna take it and run!
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those are way cute! good luck on your x-mas pics!
Ya know...I was just thinking about CHristmas pics!LOL!  WTG Maddy...vanquish the bad Santa hat!LOL!  Better luck next time!
Really cute pictures, haven't gotten my christmas picture yet either.
LOL love the bunnyhop pic!! Maddie, hope Santa doesn't see what you did to his hat!!!!
Cute pictures of Maddie - looks like she had tons of fun with that Santa hat.
ROTFLMAO....So I guess the question is, did you succeed in getting any good pics Lisa? Maddie sure wasn't wanting any part of her "santa costume", but sure had fun destroying it.....Great pics
samsonsmom\";p=\"48314 said:
did you succeed in getting any good pics Lisa?
Good Pics? NO  :cry:  Picture, Yes! I had to get my order of cards in today, so....I guess I had to settle!  :lol:
maddie is absolutley adorable! i love it when they do the bunny hop!! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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