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Make your own bed....

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My hubby slipped and let brady sleep on the bed with became a constant battle that only I was fighting (although it was his rule that they can't sleep on the bed). So he gave in and they now sleep on the bed.  But when this occurred, my package from was already on the way....I had ordered a king sized alternative (so I could throw it in the washer now and then) down comforter for $30.  

Once it arrived, I stuffed it into the casing for the bed they already had (leaving the original filler in there too) and it puffed WAY up and was super soft and squishy.

Well, Abby is quite the cuddler and nothing is better to her than sleeping next to us (or under the blankets down by our feet)...nothing, except sinking deep into her new bed and being covered in a blanket.  

While she had spent the week sleeping on our bed before the comforter arrived, she now jumps up on our bed...remembers her own and jumps onto it, waiting to be covered.  Brady, of course, wants nothing to do with it...but Abigail...she's in heaven. So, if you have a nester for a dog, try ordering a nice big alternative down comforter and stuffing it into an exisiting dog bed that you have.  And now, we have more room on our own bed. :)
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What a great idea Alicia!!! I wonder what kind of support that would have...I'm shopping for new beds, mainly for Samson. Had pretty much decided onthis one I saw at Dr Fosters, but may have to rethink that
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