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Man am I cute!!! My dad told me...

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Dont ya just want to smooch me?
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I have to agree with are handsome for sure!!!
Definitely a handsome boy!! How could you NOT want to kiss that face!!? ;))  ;))  ;))  ;))  ;))  ;))  ;))


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What a pretty boy! I love his facial expression  :)
aww look at him...what a smooshy face i luv it great pic !!
:-*  :-*  I send you smooches. you are a cutie
Yup, he's smoochable  :)
look at that face!! :) def worth a smooch or two
Thanks for the kind words...
That is definately a smoochable face, too cute.
Cute... even for a red sox fan!
I do!!! I do!!!
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Dad is so are cute!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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