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Marie, you're the best!

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I wanna show off my Mastray siggy too!!!!
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Very cool :D Koa has grown a lot!!!
She is, isn't she? She does such a FABULOUS job with our sigs!  WTG Marie! You ROCK! :)
It looks great! I'm glad you kept the "wink" pic in there.  :D  Koa looks great on the waves.....and that's some tongue Koa!  :lol:
Thanks! Glad you guys like them!!

Yeah... Gar said that he had to keep the wink pic... or every one would get mad... I agreed! LOL Then I saw the other pics and was like... WOW!! BIG BOY!! Almost thought it was a different dog!! What a handsome boy!!
Looks great! Yup, I love the "wink" pic :)
Beautiful sig as aways Marie  :D Can't get over how big Koa is! I'm soo glad you kept the wink pic Garrick, doesn't matter how many times I see it, it always makes me smile!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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