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Marking his territory???

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Ok, Sampson has this thing for peeing on my living room coffee table...It drives me crazy! I have a area rug underneath that we paid $400 for and I have already spent $300 having it cleaned. I never catch him in the act but I have rubbed his nose in it and told him no. I don't know if he sees something outside and gets excited or what the heck? So, my question is this:

Do I replace the rug because now he can smell it on there and will continue to go there or will I be wasting another $400?
How do I get him to quit if I can't catch him in the act?
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Nature's Miracle.  You can get it at PetCo or Pets Mart.  Spray it on and let it really set in.  It kills the odor of the pee.  

Also, you probably shouldn't rub his nose in it.  He might try to "hide" a pee somewhere else.
Yes, Sam is fixed. I know, Zhanna, I shouldn't have rubbed his nose in it but it was merely out of frustration at this point.
Hmm... I'm with Zhanna then....

Nature's Miracle is amazing. I always sprinkle a little bit of baking soda ontop of the pee, and then blot it with a towel (it absorbes a LOT of the pee), and then spray a ton of Nature's Miracle on it.

Good news is- it shouldn't kill your rug either (but I would test it in a small spot just to make sure)
I will have to get some of that stuff this week - thanks for the tips!
Okay, its good that you know not to rub his nose in it.  There is no way he will connect his mom rubbing his nose in the carpet full of pee, to "do not pee here" it has no connection for him at all.  So, it doesn't help and may make things worse. I've read that dogs with their noses rubbed in poop may start eating their poop.  but anyway, glad you aren't doing that anymore. :)  
If you did not catch him in the act, there is nothing you can do but clean it up with a pet cleaner that will break down the smells.  Since it is a valuable rug, I would remove it until the problem is resolved. If you still want a rug there, just buy a cheap one for now.  Do you have carpet or hardwood under the rug?  Be sure to spray down the coffee table with the pet cleaner as well.
If you do catch him in the act (not even a second afterwards will work) clap your hands or make a loud noise to distract him (hopefully stop him mid stream, ha) and then take him outside.
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We have laminate flooring under the rug. I WISH I would catch him just one time!!
In that case I would just remove the rug completely, it will be much easier to keep the laminate flooring clean and smell free than trying to clean a rug.  Hopefully you will be able to put it back down eventually ;)
is there any way you can put up a gate or something to keep him out of the room when you aren't in there with him?
Good luck!
I wish - it is our main living area and opens up to all other rooms so no, that isn't an option. I will try the Nature's miracle and see if that works.
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