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Maverick is Home!!!!! Lots of pics!

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im soo excited!!! Our new puppy came home this evening. He is about 13 weeks old now and a dark brindle male. He was a little shy at first and didnt wish to leave his breeder but once he was in our home I think he was too concerned with our Himalayan cat Baron to even realize she was gone. We've named him Maverick, and thanks for all the advice everyone gave. He basically chose his own name because it was the one he really liked! He is gorgeous and playful but doesnt eat much, he did drink tho so I think that's a good sign. He came home looking so splendid because he had been bathed/groomed before he came. My boyfriend, sister and myself are so interested in him but all he seems to be interested in is Baron! I have to remember to get Baron a catnip toy for being so nice to the new pup. One problem, he refuses to walk on a leash when we take him out to go do his business, he prefers to simply pee on my carpet, Any suggestions as we live in an apt?

I posted pics too of his first little while here! More to come

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What a cutie patuttie!!

as far as the not liking to walk on a leash...put his leash on him and just let him walk around the house with it dragging behind it, eventually he won't be so scared of it and he'll want to walk. If yo uwatch him doing his business on the carpet, startle him and then take him directly outside so that he'l;l eventually learn that going outside is good and inside is bad. Ignore the behavior when he goes inside and give him TONS and TONS of praise when he goes outside.

good luck, it's quite the handsom man you have there. :)
Great lookin' pup.   Man......look at those loooooooooong legs.  

Let the fun and games begin!    That is a fun age!
OMG!  He has the sweetest little face!  Too cute!
Bless his little heart!
He'll eat once he gets used to the new home and situation.
Congratulations!! Maverick is a handsome boy!  :D
Congratulations!  He is really cute!  Ours have all loved to play/torture out cats, he will probably get used to yours soon and not be as interested in it!
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