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Meet Georgie!

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My wife and I have a dark brindle  boxer. He just turned 1 year!! Nice to meet all of you .
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hello and welcome to Boxer Forums! Your boy looks very the "teeth"!!
Welcome to all of you, Georgie is a handsome boy...Love the teethie pic  :)
Hi and welcome to all of you? Georgie is certainly is a handsome guy!!!
oh wow he is a handsome boy! cant wait to see more pics of him, welcome!!
Welcome, as everyone else has said wow what a handsome dog!! Wagging nubs from Poe and me  in California! Can't wait to see more pics.
:lol: He has the same issue Kaci does...teeth...always hanging out.

Welcome to the forum.  Handsomeboy!!!  Love the teeth!  

Aloha from Hawaii!
Howdy from Texas and welcome!
He is beautiful! :D
Hi there and welcome from Chloe and I ...Georgie is adorable  :)
Hello and welcome!!!! You will love it here!!! Everyone is always willing to help out in any situation.
How cute. Love the dark color and teeth! Welcome to the forum.
Here's another picture.


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He's gorgeous!  I WANT a dark brindle!

In fairness, if I said it to Emmet, he'd get another one tomorrow, but I really think 3 would be just too much...
Hello and Welcome.  He is such a great dark color.  Really nice!!!
Hello and welcome!  Georgie is too cute!
Welcome, Georgie is gorgeous, love the dark brindle.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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