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Meet little Miss Lulu

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Hi everyone!!!   Just came across this site today.   I have an 8 month old female named Lulu.   I also have 3 mini-schnauzers, Zak, Zoie and Baby.   Signing Lulu up for basic training in March.   She already knows how to sit, paw, hi-five, kiss and walk on a leash.   We've got a lot of learning to do.


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aww, what a little sweetie miss Lulu is!, welcome to the forum from Gaby and me, you will love it here, lots of friendly and Knowledgable people, and very addicting :D
:-h Welcome to Boxer Forums! Look forward to getting to know you and Lulu.  :D
Welcome from Texas! Lulu is a sweetie! Looking forward to seeing pics of your other pups too!
Welcome, Miss Lulu is so cute.
welcome to the forum! Lulu is a pretty girl! I love the faint white stripe on her nose!
That second pic is so cute!
I'm in love with Lulu, that face, her stop.... she's perfect.

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Oh my goodness what a cutie!!  Hello & Welcome to you both!
What a sweetie  :) Welcome to the forum
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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