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My older dog is Selena. She is about 10 years old. She is a fawn, and is very submissive, though she can be stubborn as a mule. She generally refuses to "sit" on a hard surface (i.e. the ceramic tile in the kitchen and hardwood and plywood in the dining room) but adores the couch. :)

Jasper turns 6 months the day after tomorrow. He's a brindle and Selena's son, and is a huge ball of energy. :D

The two are very much bonded. They have relaxed a little bit in that Jasper will go out (with me) if Selena wants to stay in and sleeps at my feet during the day (when he actually sleeps), but as a rule, they are together. Jasper insists that all three of us stay together, to be honest, but I will ask about that later. :)

I will post some pictures, but the most recent is three weeks old, and Jasper has grown a lot since. <3


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