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Meet my three boxers

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Here's a shot of each of them for now, will add more to this thread later.

Penny (4 years old and only one whose ears we had done):

Bart (almost 2 and is Penny's son)

Bailee (4 years old, rescued her from a cop who couldn't be at home enough with her)

And here is my favorite shot of all three of them:

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good looking pups you got there....looking forward to seeing more of them :D
Welcome!   Great looking crew you have there!  We used to have three at once too! :D
Now how in the heck did you get them all to sit so pretty?  :lol: great looking group you have there
Great've got a beautiful little boxer family there!
I can only imagine how busy they keep you!
Welcome!! You have gorgeous babies!!!! Can't wait to see more pics!
Thank's for the comments everyone. I'll post more in this thread sometime this week including photo's of them playing in our backyard even attempting to climb trees.  :eek:
Here are some more of them on the couch together then there are a few of them playing in the backyard:

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awwwwwwwwww cute!! they look like they are up to noooooooooooo good!
WOW 3 boxers what fun..........I love that little round splash of color right in the middle of his flash.........very cool.
They are all beautiful!

Love the last picture!
What a great looking crew you have there.  This coming Saturday I will be a proud mom of 3 boxers!
They look great.... Penny looks nice with her ears done.....
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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