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Meetup pics

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Thank god the weather warmed up some!!! First check out what I saw as I was leaving this morning  :) Still as statues

So meetup was really bizarre, all our babies were picking fights... :eek: The usual playmates were adversaries in a way...Came to the conclusion either it must be a full moon, or due to the cold, we all have Boxers that had Waaayyyy too much energy and attitude today :)

Angel in a headlock timeout, one of many today

Puppies & kids, they just go together

Catch me if you can

Angel & Baxter running(lots of her tiffs werre with this guy, who is usually her buddy)

A lap full of Boxer

Getting to know each other
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Looks like a whole lot of fun with all those wonderful boxers.  Sorry they didn't get along better.

baxer... i think it is, is HUGE lol... he just looks like a beast
Wow, those first two pics look like a postcard. Beautiful!  :D  Then of course, so are all of those boxers. I think they probably had all that boxer energy stored away, so they were probably all feeling energized with attitude!  :lol:
The deer pictures are wonderful.  Love seeing all of the boxers together; probably was all of that pent up energy.
That is really cute!
Great pics, sorry they didn't all get along better. Just like kids at a party, sometimes they get along beautifully, sometimes......not so much. Hopefully next time everyone will make up and be friends again!
Baxter has really unusual markings - he's like an Indian pony!
Lol, Eimear, I never thought if that, but you are right! He's such a handsome guy, one of my favorite Boxers at meetup
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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