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Does anyone live on or around Long Island that would want to start a little boxer play group? I've been trying to find friends for Fredo but all the dogs around here are so tiny, he's just trying to play but they end up running away scared. He needs someone his own size. ahaha
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Did you check out the Sticky about meetups? It lists all the boxer meetups in the US, perhaps you can find one close to you...I love mine, Angel has a blast and runs off all of that energy of hers, at least for one day  :)
Dallas/Fort Worth Finally got a meet up group and ihavent been able to make it to a darn one of them :(
Where in LI are you?

My sister and I live in queens but we would definitely make a trip to LI if its not that far away!
Westbury, Nassau County ...not far from Queens...On Saturday's I work in Franklin Square and that's pretty close.
Where's the sticky or website?  I'd like to find one for Tennessee, preferably close to Knoxville.
in the General Boxer Section, there is a sticky about meetups, has the web address for for boxers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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