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Merrick canned food?

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Hey guys, I went and picked up a big bag of Merrick puppy food, as well as a couple cans of the canned puppy food. I just fed Popeye some of the canned and he totally loved it lol. How is it for them? I have always fed kibble so i dont really know anything about it. THANKS!!!!
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I'm gonna have to check out this Merrick stuff...let me know how it goes for you!
We've been feeding Merrick canned puppy food as well as their other flavors too for over a month and we really like it.  They have been getting the Merrick dry for about 10 days now as well and are both doing great.  I've seen a noticable change in their coats for the better.  I really love this food and so do they.
I really don't know much about this food except that Liz gives it to Lilly and highly reccomends it. I had Chloe on the Timberwolf Organics but she was getting pretty sick from it, so today I got her a few sample bags along with a few cans and she also loves it!  Keep us posted on how he does on it
hey guys, I fed both of the babies the food a few hours ago, and they really loved it. I'll continue to feed for a couple weeks and if it works out, Merrick will be the food I'm gonna stick with :-D
I love the merrick's canned dog food.  I add it to my dry kibble to spice things up a bit and add some variety.  I typically let my kibble soak in a little water for maybe 5 minutes before adding the canned food to soften it up and give the entire mixture a similar consistency.  They make a Merricks "lunch box" that has 8 different canned foods/flavors.  I give maybe 1 every week or two weeks.  It never seems to upset lola's tummy either.  I highly recommend.
I've just bought my 3rd bag of the Merrick dry and both of mine have been on the canned Merrick for over a month now and I can't tell you the difference I've seen in their coats and absolutely no eye boogies or any other side effect.  Sophie does best on the Puppy Plate, Wild Blend and Wing-A-Lings canned as some of the other flavors seems to get her to loosened up, especially Grammy's Pot Pie and Turkaden.  I highly recommend it too.
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