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Merrick food switch?

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So my 2 have been eating canidae for a long while now, and while I love them on it, I really dont think they enjoy the taste too much. The food just sits in the bowl until they are practically starved, then they'll eat it.

I've been eyeing The Merrick wilderness blend.
It looks like it would be more appealing for them.

and I'm wondering if anyone feeds this, and how their dogs are on it.

I've got about 2 hours before I'm going to the store to get food for my little monsters, so quick replies will be helpful. =P

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I never used Merrick, but one of my friends used to feed the Grammys Pot Pie and her dog loved it. I am actually thinking I am going to try and rotate the Canidae and Merrick. Let us know how your two like it!  :wink:
Canidae gives my six month old soft stool...especially the canned food. I'm switching over to Merrick as we speak. So far he loves the taste, I'll keep an eye on the waste!
Lilly eats Merrick and LOVES it!!!  Its also the only pet food that wasn't effected by the recall.  She loves all the all stages foods they make.  I recommend it.

Liz and Lilly
I recently switched Rocky over to Merrick and he LOVES IT! He will lick the bowl clean! Ive been searching for a good food for Rocky over the past couple of months. I originally had him on raw but it just became to expensive especially of the possibility of getting another Boxer...I could never feed both on raw meat. A lot of foods gave Rocky very loose stool...but since Merrick its been good for him. Good luck!

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