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Mia's 2nd Day

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Here are some pics of Mia... I have videos but I'm on a terrible connection and its a waste of time to try... She has only had 2 accidents so far.. but for 7 weeks old, you can't expect much.. She does whine at the door to go potty though!!  8O

These are from last night before bed... And let me brag by saying she slept from 1am (when I went to bed) and we got up (by my doing) at 7am.. then back to bed til 11.. This girl is amazing!!

These are from today..

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Mia is BEAUTIFUL, FLutterby!!! Congrats on finally bringing her home!

sorry those are belated - been a busy couple of days so i'm FINALLY catching up on everything cute is she??? Little Mia looks like she is settling in nicely!  :D
What a sweetheart !!!!  Congrats! Mia is beautiful. I just love the 8th pic of her.
She is beautiful. Looks like a sweet playful personality.  :)
Heres more pics...

and look at this pic.. her back paws are mirror images of each other..

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She is adorable, and those paw prints are wild!  :wink:
oh what a cutie, too bad they don't stay that small... lol
Good luck with Mia and enjoy they grow up so fast.
Wow, I don't think I have seen that before!! Matching paw pads...How cool....Mia is adorable, love the pics, her personality really comes thru in those pictures....Give that sweetheart a hug for me....
Oh my goodness, she is so cute!  I'd want to cuddle and play with her all day!  Enjoy this time, as you know they grow up too fast!  Congratulations, I'm happy she's home and looking forward to lots of pictures!
oh WOW....she is absolutely precious, I just adore her spotted nose!!

She looks like she has quite the personality!!
What an absolute doll!  It looks like she is a ball of fire from some of the pix!  Those make me want another egghead too!
too cute, but it looks like she'll be a handful
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