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I would like to get some input about microchipping.. yes... no... would like to see what others think. I have 2 boxers that are microchipped I adopted them and they were already microchipped. I would appreciate any information.
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Im all for it.
Nothing wrong with the Microchip, Its a great thing, ONLY if Vets actually scan it :) Newt has one and it doesn't bother her at all. Im glad its there "Just in case"
Its not a lo-jack where you can trace where the puppy is if lost, but a good added security just in case someone finds your dog and take them to the Vet.   I have Hanna chipped - Kash will when he is neutered but for the 45 bucks it eases my mind for that "what if".
I think it's the best thing since sliced bread!  :D
I actually just finished signing up Atticus at the Home Again website. I think it is great, he came with one from the breeder.
I truly believe in the micro parents boxer (Jack) was stolen twice from their business property and both times the stupid people took him to the vet in town, and he scanned him because he knew Jack, and called my parents to see if they had given him away...uhmmmmmmmm no my parents said...and the micro-chip saved him back to they have locks on the fence when they are at their business...sooooooooooo get it really does WORK!
I think its a good idea too, but its really only usefull if your dog is lost. If your dog is is stollen I doubt the theif is worried about taking it to the vet so there is a chance of it getting scanned.
I'm all for it  :) Samson was done by the rescue and I need to get Angel done actually, keep forgetting about it..Bad mommy
Thanks everyone.. I wanted to know what everyone else thought about the subject. I personally like the idea..thanks again.
I just got a little worried about some bad stuff i had heard about the microchips and tumors in dogs. i guess it scared me a little.. was going to talk to my vet Monday but wanted some other opinions.
Jessie is going for a check up next month and I think im going to get her microchipped.  Im also going to tell my sister to have it done to maggie, because maggie is a flight risk... she can jump the fence.  Luckily everyone in the neighborhood knows who maggie is and she has her tag on her collar, but just in case.
I am more worried about someone taking the "kids" than them getting loose.. I have a 5 acre fenced yard "8 ft chain link". and I live in the middle of 800 acres of nothing... rarely a car even goes by here ( unless they are lost) I had one of my babies stolen 3 years ago. and I still think about it every day.
Have both mirochipped! Their dad was stolen before they were born and they took him to the vet and they scanned him...that was enough for me  :D
Savannah is microchipped, and i plan on getting reese to do it. i have been meaning to but i to keep forgetting!
I think it's great, Chloe is chipped and Brodi will be also when he goes in to be neutered.
Kiah was microchipped by the previous owner before she was surrendered to the rescue.  If she wasn't then the rescue would have chipped her.  I think it is a great idea and never have heard of tumors from microchips.
I got Jetta Microchipped at her first vet visit at 7ish weeks old...I wasn't about to have her run off or get lost or stolen without one of them...I got Bo microchipped at a petstore about 2-3 weeks ago...I wasn't about to have him run off either without one!
The day after we had Donner chipped I read an article about the tumor risks of chip implants and I had a couple panic stricken moments!!!! Took a deep breath and realized I would take the risk of the tumor (very small risk) as opposed to not be able to find my boy should something happen. Blitzen will be done when she's spayed. Like so many things with our babies it's a matter of personal preference, and IMO the benefits outweigh the risk.
i think it's a smart thing to do and my cat is microchipped...Maverick will be done when he gets neutered.
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