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miss Brutus as a puppy...

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HE was a doll... Thes are taken aroun 7.5 WEEKS


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Awwww!!  What a cutie makes me want to go and get another.....even though Maggie is only 5 months old.  I have been trying to talk my husband into going to get Maggies last brother that was left.
LOL... I know i seem to get another every 6 omnths... need a bigger house...another job...and .... 5 more hours in a day...
How many do you have?  Maggie is my first and I have to be honest I am SO addicted.  She is the BEST puppy I have ever owned!!  And smart too!!
I have 3 Boxers...'

Preston, Brutus, and Peggy Sue... MY sig has 4 one is Hercules who we had put down.
He looks just like my Jinx.  Too cute!
ohh how could you resist a face like that...too cute
He looks so tiny and just adorable.
I cant wait until I win the lottery and can make a big house for a collection of boxers...:) :p
3 that is great!  I so want another, I keep campaining for a campanion for Maggie and someone that can run as fast as her at the park.
[quote="choas2k\";p=\"72942":1dojlkif]3 that is great!
Thats ok I can tell you have had too much wine for tonight.  I can't believe how fast she can run.  We had her spayed a week ago Friday and the vet told us to not let her run.....I laughed and said yeah right.
[quote="choas2k\";p=\"72969":3jhhi5r5]Thats ok I can tell you have had too much wine for tonight.
The one thing that I haven't done is take her to the park, I figured I would wait until the stitches came out.  But I have a quick question for you.  She loves to drink and drink and drink, my daughter calls her a camel.  Is this normal?  I have started to stop her and make her wait a bit.  And no worries you can always substitute cholcolate for cheese  :D
I wish i could get another boxer right now but ive promised myself if it is a puppy i must wait until the summer or fall...if it is a rescue or something by chance then I cant really turn a needy pup away right?! lol
Too cute!! I miss Odin as a puppy too! So pure and innocent lol NOT ANY MORE!... I loved how he'd follow me EVERY WHERE... and stay RIGHT by my side... next to my left foot ALL THE TIME... I miss it. He still follows me every where... yet some how now I acquire bruises along the way! lol
What a cutie..Yea, seeing all those puppy pics makes me really antsy for my new arrival...Is it May yet?  :lol:
cute pictures. he is so adorable!
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