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Missin my baby

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So Fredo was neuterd today so he's staying at the vet overnight.  My bf works late so it's just me and Fredo pretty much all night when I get home from work. I miss him so much and I AM SO FREAKING BORED! I just want my baby home and I am counting the hours until I can pick him up tomorrow. I'm gonna stop and get him some frostie paws for when he gets home.  

And...I am so mad about we've been going to the vet that we got through the pet store b/c they were giving us our shots for free...well now that he's done, Fredo is going to our regualr vet that we've seen for 20 years. Well today when we brougt him in for his surgery, they immediately noticed his pink mouth and tummy....apparently he has had an infection on his skin (around his mouth and butt) and the other vet never even noticed!!! We've been going there every other week for about 3 months!  Not only that, but when I would ask them why his mouth was pink they just told me that was his coloring!
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I forgot that you had posted that today was going to be Fredos big day, sending him get well quick vibes, the frosty paws should help :lol: BTW I'd be sure to let the store know of your experience with their vet, especially since you asked about the pink color.
Thanks. Yeah, we're having our vet write a letter so we have documentation and after Fredo's home and we've taken care of him, we're gonna tear that vet a new

What also pissed me off about them.... I get our meds from 1-800-pet meds,  they're cheaper and more convenient. Well they wouldn't authorize our order. I told them I wanted interceptor and frontline and they would only offer us revolution and said we had to buy it there.  Do vets get some sort of kickback for giving out certain medications? Forget them!
Donner's mom- where in CNY? I went to school in Cortland and still have a lot of friends in the area.
Small world....Homer! When did you go to Cortland?
that's too funny, 2001-2005. I miss it so much.
Wow, I'm old!!!!!  (class of '79) If you're ever in town for a visit, pm me and we'll try for a boxer playdate :lol:
Hope you feel better soon Fredo. I'm sure he will be just as glad to see you tomorrow when you go and pick him up, and the frosty paws will be a big bonus  :)

Thank god you are taking him to a new vet! That other one sounds kind of sketchy if you know what I mean. Fredo sounds like he's in good hands with your regular vet.
Glad to hear that Fredo's ordeal is over and that you have a good vet know to look out for him.  We hope he has a speedy recovery!
I'm catching this a bit late. Hope all went well yesterday and Fredo comes home today...I would definitely be getting a new vet, there is no excuse for what happened....Hoping for a quick recovery for Fredo
I feel your pain - Hector ended up having to stay in the vets for TWO nights after his neutering because he was so swollen.  That was two weeks ago today, and he still doesn't have all his stitches out - he has to go back Monday to get the last of them removed because he managed to open one of them.  Hoping you and Fredo don't have to go through any of that!
Waiting for my guy's demodex to clear up so we can get him fixed as well.  Already dreading that!  
Our vet actually price matches medications, so I just bring in a printout of 1800petmeds and they match.  Can't beat that.  Saving a ton on all the meds we are going through right now.  Ivermectin is 1/2 price, same with antibiotics.
Hope Fredo feels better very soon!  Glad the new vet caught the infection...poor guy!  
Frosty paws was the only thing Lola would eat for a day and a half.  Not very healthy, but better than nothing!  I had to hold the cup in my hand to feed the princess while she was laying spoiled!
my mom's vet says that 1800-petmeds sells old and expired meds..and that they will match their price rather than us go through them
As to 1-800 pet meds, there are alot of cheaper websites out there for perscriptions!  Drs Foster and Smith is!  Our vets price match, I printed out there price on interceptor and it's about 1/2 what the vet normally charges.  I hope your boy is home soon.  Both our male and female were done by laster.  No external stitches!
Thanks for all the love guys. I am bouncing in my seat right now waiting to go get him.

Donner's mom- I'll def. let you knwo next time I'm upstate. We love playdates!
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