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More pics of Chloe

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So I drove Chloe and Hubby nuts all day snappin pics and sprayin lysol all over, teach him to stay home from work again! lol  But had to keep myself busy and not worryin over catchin the nasty cold he has, which would be just my luck since Brodi is due home soon :-<

Peek a Boo!

Chloe half asleep

Chloe searching for that one special toy

And after all that mess..she finally found it even tho she wasn't the least bit happy about it
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I love the one of her half asleep - love those lips! Too cute. Sam and Lucy do the same thing with their toy box. They search for that one special toy. We just crack up because usually it is one that is ancient, no squeaker or stuffing but that is the magic one of the day... :lol:
Awwww Chloe is soooo cute!!
Aww sweet Chloe baby. The pics are adorable, I love the one where she's half asleep too. And all those toys  8O  :lol: And I thought Sadie was spoiled  :wink: Can't wait to see pics of Chloe and Brodie together!
I love Chloe pics!  I like the one with her head stuck in all the toys.  So many to choose from... what should I play with?
great pictures! so many toys to choose from how ever does she make up her mind!
Great pics Shari!  :D  I don't think you have enough toys for Brodi, have you started shopping yet!  :lol:
Awww, I loved those first 2 pics Shari, Chloe looks nice against mauve, it's her color I believe  :) And she looks soo cute half asleep...Those last 2, with her digging thru the toy box, just made me laugh...Yea, I'm with Lisa, does Brodi have his own toy box yet?
love the she has a lot of toys i thought Mav had a ton but Chloe's house is the place to be! lol. Glad youre back so we can see her pics and cant wait for Brodi to come home!
I've been sneakin to the pet store buyin a few toys for Brodi, Cause hubby gets really annoyed with me when I even look at dog toys..Okay so I seriously have a problem with buying toys LOL..They say the first step in getting help is admitting the problem  :lol:

Here's a pic for you all to show your hubby or wife next time they complain when you buy a  toy :oops:
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Lord have mercy that's a lot of toys!!!!!!!!!!
LOL that's one cute spoiled puppy ya got there.! wink!
OMG!!! 8O Get her into rehab NOW....  :lol:
OMG!! i had to show my bf!! he is always complaining when i get the girls a new toy....he appreciates now the one small tote of toys we have :D
Oh yea, I do rememeber seeing that before..Had to show Marq.. He actually never says anyting when I buy the kiddos toys, other than the fact that I need a bigger toy box :lol: I can tell you, Angel would be in doggie heaven if she had that... :)
OMG!!!!  I thought I had an addiction!!  I never can walk out of anywhere without something for Maggie
Chloe is one beautiful babe!! Have to say after the toy pics, I'm feeling way better about my toy addiction!! I'm afraid I've made Donner a bit of a brat, if I come home with plastic bags from ANY store and there isn't a new toy(s) in there he goes into the other room and sulks  :? Ever notice the BEST toy is the one on the bottom of the box?????
Great pics!  The first two are adorable!
And OMG!  All those toys!  Lola has one small basket.....she's be in heaven at your house!!   :lol:
I feel like I've deprived her now! :lol:

DonnersMom - And I thought it was just Lola!  Anytime I come home with a bag she immediatley comes running thinking it's for her!  Then she whines and whines until we give her something....even if we didn't buy her anything, we have to find something around the house to pretend!
slobound\";p=\"74312 said:
OMG!!! 8O Get her into rehab NOW....  :lol:
I second that!!! LMAO!!!
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