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more puppy pictures inside

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All of these are at 11 weeks old

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puppy kisses  are the best
Awww how adorable! Still in the cute puppy stage....not yet in the awkward teen stage...but they're still cute even then. All 3 of your kids are too cute!
Thank you, I am looking forward to the awkward stage.
How cute!  Gunner sits sideways like that too!  I miss the puppy stage  :(
sooooooooooooo freaking cute... Jessie was obsessed with little kids when she was that small... she couldnt sit still for a second for me to take a picture!
Those are adorable!! Puppies and kids, they just go together...Great pictures..Your girls are really cute... :)
Thank you all, the pup and the 3 year old are equally obsessed with each other. For some reason she gets him all wound up, he goes crazy with the biting and running through the house. We've had to start putting a leash on him in the living room if she is in there. It's cute and annoying all at the same time.
Way to nip it before it gets worse!
Adorable!!! He is so cute!  He looks very much like our Ziggi, same markings on the belly and the flash of white on the back.  Did he have any pink on his noise when he was born?
I'm not sure about the pink on his nose, I didn't see him until he was 9 weeks old.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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